The Pinkster Miniature Gift Set x1


A stylish gift set for just $22RRP available in-store only at selected First Choice, LiquorLand and Vintage Cellars in Australia.  Due to the popularity of this product – some stores are sold out. You can purchase the crackers online with First Choice or from Pinkster Australia direct by emailing

Named Best 2019 Christmas Cracker for Gin Lovers by BBC Good Food.

As Cosmopolitan said about these beauties: “Finally, a Christmas cracker worth pulling.”

Elegantly packaged, each set holds both a dinkster 50ml bottle and a mini jar of our scrummy Gin Jam made with recycled raspberries.

As BBC Good Food said:
“While it doesn’t get much better than a gin-filled cracker, these bold and bright table crackers have the added advantage of containing not one, but two, boozy gifts.

“We particularly enjoyed the bright pink packaging – which is recyclable – and silver bows; these crackers certainly make a statement.

Inside, you’ll find a 50ml bottle of Pinkster gin which is infused with raspberries givi
ng it its pink colour, plus a 42g jar of Pinkster jam. Both gifts offer good quality, and the jam in particular provides a longer-lasting alternative to the more throwaway gifts usually found in Christmas crackers.