Meet the team

Daniel MacPherson is Pinkster Gin Australia’s General Manager, known as Mr Pink Dan originally hails from Pinkster’s native motherland, Dan began peddling Pinkster in Australia in 2016. Dan’s background in hospitality and business development spans 15 years. He’s also good on the tools as our chief cocktail creator – but sorry ladies, he is married.

Nicolette Marek is Pinkster Gin Australia’s go to for all things promo: marketing, PR or events. Following Dan, Nicolette is the second best person in the Pinkster Gin Australia company. If you want to chat media, marketing or partnerships contact Nicolette on

Stevie started out as a model for tonic water, as his tastes matured he got on the Pink stuff. Stevie represents Pinkster Gin Australia at various events and is our ambassador for all things pink down under.